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 The importance of continually raising soft skill sets within organisations to remain efficient and maintain competitive edge is undisputed.


Infinity Training combines first class

commercial know how with unrivalled behavioural expertise providing tailored Management and Leadership Development, Soft Skills Training, Executive Coaching and Management Mentoring. 


If your business requires people and overall business performance improvement, we are leaders in our field, and with minimum investment deliver maximum return from valuable time out of the business. Inspiring training and development, fresh perspective and expert ability to motivate and deliver wide reaching organisational change are hallmarks of Infinity's dynamic approach.


Need fast results? Need to improve management performance? Need to increase sales? Improve staff motivation? Time to develop your team?

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At Infinity, Executive Coaching continues to be a main feature of our activity. Coaching Directors and Senior Managers often links in with other bespoke interventions companies ask us to design, such as structured sales training and key account management programmes.


As performance and behaviour specialists we support boards and their management teams reach, maintain and develop maximum individual well being which supports professional excellence. 


All coaching is tailored to client need and is designed with focus on motivation, personal development, results, and effective team working. 


As our name suggests, our commitment and passion is endless and we strive for excellence in all we do. Delivering first class outcomes is the mainstay of our world, and is the reason why we enjoy the privilege of working with diverse blue chip clients from diverse sectors.


Infinity; fast results delivering change where ever it's needed across the globe.


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We train and inspire people to sell more, be more productive, communicate better and work smarter. Our training expertise and experience is why we are repeatedly retained by our loyal client base to improve performance, correct under performance, inspire, upskill, manage change, develop proactive change management, improve performance, raise motivation, increase sales, increase performance, reduce stress, deal with low confidence, poor self esteem, appraisals and effective performance management,  management development, reducing absenteeism, reducing conflict and stress and anxiety in the workplace, stress prevention, stress awareness and stress management and support change management initiatives. We help and support people with stress at work, public speaking, communication skills, problems delegating and all delegation issues, helping them to prioritise and improve prioritisation, manage teams, manage people, general management skills, improve communication ability, within bespoke highly effective customised training and coaching programmes, workshops and bespoke courses. Our AEV Index Process (emotional intelligence assessments) are highly regarded and deliver accurate EQ measurement of staff and management, leading to customised development programmes supporting organisational objectives and business aspirations, and improving employee motivation, retention, ability, capability and well being.

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